Imran A. Zualkernan

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Search engines like Google play a critical role in life-long learning. However, the query capabilities of such engines remain simple and often yield a result set that is too large. In addition, search engines like Google rely on page ranking algorithm that represents the “collective consciousness” of millions of users. Learning about specifics often(More)
Semantically rich domains require operative knowledge to solve complex problems in real-world settings. These domains provide an ideal environment for developing authentic constructivist e-learning environments. In this paper we present a framework and a methodology for developing authentic learning environments for such domains. The framework is based on(More)
This paper explores the notion of simple pleasures that may be derived from interacting with architectural surfaces, and how this could generally inform design, and more particularly, architectural design. This paper presents a pleasure-based methodology for designing interactive architectural surfaces. The methodology employs elements from temporal(More)
&pert systems ure being developed commercially to solve nontraditional problems in such areas as auditing, fault diagnosis, and computer configuration. As expert systems move outji-om research laboratories to commercial production environments, establishing reliabili~ and robustness have taken on increasing importance [l, 5, 9, 20, 211. In this article, we(More)