Imran A. Tasadduq

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aBstract Patients in critical condition need Physician's supervision while they are in transit to the hospital. If the ambulance is linked to the emergency room, the physician can monitor patient's vital signs and issue instructions to the paramedics for stabilizing the patient. When a disaster strikes, scores of people are transferred to the hospital in(More)
In multi-carrier wireless OFDM communication systems, a major issue is high peaks in transmitted signals, resulting in problems such as power inefficiency. In this regard, a common practice is to transmit the signal that has the lowest Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR). Consequently, some efficient and accurate method of estimating the PAPR of a signal is(More)
Facility layout problem (FLP) is an inherently difficult combinatorial problem for which the quest for analytical, heuristic, and metaheuristic solution approaches has received significant attention. To this end, genetic algorithm (GA) has been an extensively studied metasearch approach. In this regard, we report a very effective memetic search algorithm(More)
This paper presents a novel combination of 8-QAM trellis codes with multi-carrier code division multiple access (MCCDMA) and controlled equalization for multiuser downlink Rayleigh fading channel. In literature, minimum mean square error (MMSE) is known to be the optimal single user detection (SUD) technique. We show that the proposed system, with 16-state(More)
In this letter, a combination of 16-state 8-QAM trellis codes with multi-carrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA) and threshold orthogonality restoring combining (TORC) is introduced over downlink Rayleigh fading channels. In literature, minimum mean square error (MMSE) when applied with MC-CDMA is considered to be the optimum single user detection(More)