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Experimental investigations of synchronization and anti-synchronization of optically coupled semiconductor lasers with external cavities are presented. Both lasers show chaotic low-frequency intensity fluctuations that are (anti-) synchronized due to optical coupling by light injection. For uni-directional coupling response lasers with and without external(More)
von Willebrand disease (VWD), the most common inherited bleeding disorder, is very heterogeneous, both in its phenotype and genotype. One particular molecular mechanism of VWD is due to recombination events between the true gene and its pseudogene on chromosome 22. We assessed the frequency and extension of such events in 50 multi-ethnic index patients with(More)
A short exposure of cell suspensions to gaseous hydrogen sulfide, appropriate fixations, and subsequent physical development of silver shells around sulfidated insoluble metals were used to amplify ferritin iron cores in blood and bone marrow cells. The methods described are suitable for both light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. These(More)
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