Immo Heide

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Overexpression of the multidrug resistanceMDR1 gene is thought to contribute to drug resistance in non-responsive cancers like colorectal carcinoma. Little is known about the mechanisms by which expression ofMDR1 is regulated in human tumours. However, there is growing evidence that regulation primarily takes place at the transcriptional level and that the(More)
The World Health Organization has a 5-point family planning program. They give counseling to the subfertile, to women who wish to monitor or regulate their fertile periods, to parents concerning their family responsibility, and to people who need any kind of counseling for emotional or sexual problems. Scientific research in the areas of sterility and(More)
The Ki-ras proto-oncogene is converted into an active oncogene by mutations in codon 12, 13, or 61. The incidence of mutations in the Ki-ras oncogene in colorectal adenomas and primary colorectal carcinomas has been shown to be 50-75 and 40-65%, respectively. To determine the role activation of the Ki-ras oncogene plays in the progression of colorectal(More)
Cells of a patient with Turcot's syndrome and of her parents were evaluated for the presence of molecular alterations in the p53 and the Ki-ras gene. Deletions on chromosome 17p, overexpression and point mutations of the p53 gene as well as mutations of the Ki-ras gene were detected in primary and metastatic tumour but not in the germline of the patient nor(More)
 The receptor tyrosine kinase Axl which expresses extracellular domains reminiscent of cell adhesion molecules, is involved in homotypic binding as well as in intracellular signaling of myeloid progenitor cells. In order to investigate factors which might influence differentiation pathways through changes of the adhesive properties of cells, we analyzed the(More)
Sgs-4 is one of the eight known genes coding for larval secretion proteins in Drosophila melanogaster. High-level transcription of the endogenous Sgs genes in salivary glands is accompanied by chromosome puffing at the Sgs gene loci. Naturally occurring mutations of the Sgs-4 promoter region diminish both the level of Sgs-4 expression and the puff size; in(More)
It has been proposed that nm23-H1, a candidate suppressor gene for metastasis, plays an important role in metastasis formation of human tumours. In order to investigate its role in the progression of colorectal cancer, we analysed 22 liver metastases of this malignancy with respect to mutational changes, loss of heterozygosity and expression levels of(More)
In order to investigate the role of TP53 in tumour progression and metastasis, we analysed 33 liver metastases of colorectal carcinomas and 19 primary colon carcinomas from the same hospital with respect to mutational changes, loss of heterozygosity and expression of the TP53 tumour suppressor gene. Direct sequencing of PCR products corresponding to the(More)
To determine the role the multiple drug-resistance (MDR1) gene plays in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), we measured the expression of the MDR 1 gene in 30 patients with this disease. A rapid, highly sensitive, and nonradioactive technique based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used for that purpose. In this technique, called differential PCR,(More)