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Laryngeal high-speed videos are a state of the art method to investigate vocal fold vibration but the vast amount of data produced prevents it from being used in clinical applications. Segmentation of the glottal gap is important for excluding irrelevant data from video frames for subsequent analysis. We present a novel, fully automatic segmen-tation method(More)
In patients with a repaired cleft palate, nasality is typically diagnosed by speech language pathologists. In addition, there are various instruments to objectively diagnose nasalance. To explore the potential of nasalance measurements after cleft palate repair by NasalView®, we correlated perceptual nasality and instrumentally measured nasalance of eight(More)
Verbal communication plays an important role in our economy. Laryngeal high-speed videos have emerged as a state of the art method to investigate vocal fold vibrations in the context of voice disorders affecting verbal communication. Segmentation of the glottis from these videos is required to analyze vocal fold vibrations. The vast amount of data produced(More)
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