Immanuel Normann

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In this paper, we show how the web ontology language OWL can be accommodated within the larger framework of the heterogeneous common algebraic specification language HETCASL. Through this change in perspective, OWL can benefit from various useful HETCASL features concerning structuring, modularity, and heterogeneity. This tackles a major problem area in(More)
We report on ongoing work to apply techniques of automated theory morphism search to ontology matching and alignment problems. Such techniques are able to discover ‘structural similarities’ across different ontologies by providing theory interpretations of one ontology into another. In particular, we discuss two such scenarios: one where the signatures and(More)
This paper discusses the design challenges encountered when building an ontology repository for an application framework devoted to assistive technologies that can be browsed and queried in a highly heterogeneous and expressive way. As a main vehicle to achieve this goal we propose to use metadata and meta-reasoning. We analyze how metadata can be used in(More)
In the experiment we proof the paradoxical perception of pitch. A tone sequence demonstrates this paradox: the sequence is perceived as descending, although the first and last tone are identical. The intransitivity of pitch perception generalizes (Shepard 1964). It applies also to harmonic complex tones with variate amplitude envelope and partials that are(More)