Immanuel Bayer

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We describe in this paper our approach for the Multi-modal gesture recognition challenge organized by ChaLearn in conjunction with the ICMI 2013 conference. The competition's task was to learn a vocabulary of 20 types of Italian gestures performed from different persons and to detect them in sequences. We develop an algorithm to find the gesture intervals(More)
A new procedure for preventing paracolostomy hernia is described. It has been used since 1979 in 43 patients and is effective in strengthening the colostomy outlet in its common location and affixing the intestine firmly to the aperture. Four years after operation, no hernia or prolapse has occurred in the patients who underwent this procedure.
PURPOSE The operative management of patients with fistula-in-ano in the presence of Crohn's disease has been controversial. Our aim was to review the results of operative treatment in this clinical setting. METHODS Twenty-eight such patients treated between 1976 and 1990 were reviewed. The duration of local symptoms, location of the Crohn's disease,(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyze and compare the degree of step length asymmetry of patients with hip osteoarthritis during free walking and treadmill ambulation and to determine the reproducibility of treadmill based vertical ground reaction force parameters. Twelve subjects with monoarticular hip osteoarthritis undergoing total hip replacement(More)
BACKGROUND Various methods are currently used for the treatment of anogenital warts. However, a complete cure is unlikely, and the rate of recurrence is high. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this open-label, multicentre trial was to evaluate the safety and clinical efficacy of a new treatment using the immunomodulator ammonium trichloro (dioxoethylene-O,O')(More)
BACKGROUND Tissue polypeptide specific antigen (TPS) measures a soluble fragment of cytokeratine 18 and may be regarded as a proliferative marker. MATERIALS AND METHODS TPS was measured in 173 consecutive patients with colorectal cancer. Median follow up time was 36 months. Of 137 evaluable patients 39 developed metastases (P.D.) and 98 remained with no(More)
Adhesion formation to the peritoneal scar was investigated in 108 white Wistar rats which had undergone midline laparotomy under ether anaesthesia. In 92 rats a microtrauma was produced by rubbing the intraperitoneal organs with dry gauze. After this procedure in 46 rats the abdominal cavity was closed by suturing the peritoneum and fascia, and in another(More)
In recent years, interest in recommender research has shifted from explicit feedback towards implicit feedback data. A diversity of complex models has been proposed for a wide variety of applications. Despite this, learning from implicit feedback is still computationally challenging. So far, most work relies on stochastic gradient descent (SGD) solvers(More)