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INTRODUCTION Injury to cranial nerve represents 5% of negligence litigation against general surgeons and of all malpractice jury verdicts in endocrine surgery 60% accounts for recurrent nerve injuries and 15% for anoxic brain injuries from RLN injuries, unrecognized post-operatively. During Total Thyroidectomy is reported an incidence of failure to find the(More)
AIM In the present study the authors assess the advantages of new technologies in thyroid surgery: to prevent nerve injury by using an intra-operative continuous nerve-monitoring techniques and to compare the real advantages of advanced coagulation devices. MATERIALS AND METHODS Among a series of 440 thyroidectomies (jan 2004-feb 2006) the Authors(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study is to understand the compression, by subcutaneous fat in obese patients, who present a chronic increase in abdominal pressure, and on the sapheno-femoral cross. Such increase would result in a chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) of lower limbs and, if possible, it will be quantified also according to the posture. MATERIAL(More)
INTRODUCTION Our preliminary study examined the development of an advanced innovative technology with the objectives of--developing methodologies and algorithms for a Artificial Neural Network (ANN) system, improving mammography and ultra-sonography images interpretation;--creating autonomous software as a diagnostic tool for the physicians, allowing the(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the usefulness of silver dressings in patients with skin ulcers in the healing phase after debridement. MATERIALS AND METHODS After randomly selected a group of 30 patients and divided them into three groups (A, B and C) according to the type and severity of the ulcer, we used respectively for each group antiseptics-free dressings,(More)
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