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Although 3D texture-based volume rendering guarantees image quality almost interactively, it is difficult to maintain an interactive rate when the technique has to be exploited on large datasets. In this paper, we propose a new texture memory representation and a management policy that substitute the classical one-texel per voxel approach for a hierarchical(More)
Mutual information has been successfully used as an effective similarity measure for multimodal image registration. However, a drawback of the standard mutual information-based computation is that the joint histogram is only calculated from the correspondence between individual voxels in the two images. In this paper, the normalized mutual information(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Little is known about the factors that determine recanalization after intravenous thrombolysis. We assessed the value of thrombus Hounsfield unit quantification as a predictive marker of stroke subtype and MCA recanalization after intravenous rtPA treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS NCCT scans and CTA were performed on patients with(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Early prediction of motor outcome is of interest in stroke management. We aimed to determine whether lesion location at DTT is predictive of motor outcome after acute stroke and whether this information improves the predictive accuracy of the clinical scores. MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated 60 consecutive patients within 12 hours(More)
Obscurances, from which ambient occlusion is a particular case, is a technology that produces natural-looking lighting effects in a faster way than global illumination. Its application in volume visualization is of special interest since it permits us to generate a high quality rendering at a low cost. In this paper, we propose an obscurancebased framework(More)
This paper introduces a volume rendering framework based on the information channel constructed between the volumetric data set and a set of viewpoints. From this channel, the information associated to each voxel can be interpreted as an ambient occlusion value that allows to obtain illustrative volume visualizations. The use of the voxel information(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The quantification and clinical significance of WD in CSTs following supratentorial stroke are not well understood. We evaluated the anisotropy by using DTI and signal-intensity changes on conventional MR imaging in the CST to determine whether these findings are correlated with limb motor deficit in patients with MCA ischemic stroke.(More)
Maintaining and restoring health is a basic aspect of well being. On the other hand, serious games is an emerging technology growing in importance for specialized training, taking advantage of 3D games and game engines in order to improve the realistic experience of users. Thus, according to the advancement of technology and the desire to achieve good(More)
Exploded views are often used in illustration to overcome the problem of occlusion when depicting complex structures. In this paper, we propose a volume visualization technique inspired by exploded views that partitions the volume into a number of parallel slabs and shows them apart from each other. The thickness of slabs is driven by the similarity between(More)