Imene Ben Hafaiedh

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This article provides an overview of current efforts in Europe for using metamodeling in the integrated development of critical systems such as automotive electronics. It distinguishes between lightweight versus heavyweight approaches, surveys a number of related current European projects, and gives details about the Speeds project to illustrate the role of(More)
Designing concurrent or distributed systems with complex architectures while preserving a set of high-level requirements through all design steps is not a trivial task. Building upon a generic notion of contract framework which relies on a component framework and two refinement relations: conformance and refinement under context, we provide a condition(More)
Composition of components by means of multi-party interactions allows specifying intended global properties in a very abstract manner useful in many application domains. Composition by multi-party interactions allows guaranteeing most safety properties “by construction”, but deadlock freedom must generally be checked for. In this paper, we propose an(More)
Multiple-Bus architectures for multiprocessors systems are preferred by manufacturers for implementation as they are providing higher bandwidth and more reliability than single bus architectures. The key notion in such a multiple-bus system is the bus arbitration strategy which resolves request con icts and allocates buses to requesting devices. Indeed,(More)
Implementing a component-based system in a distributed way so that it ensures some global constraints is a challenging problem. We consider here abstract specifications consisting of a composition of components and a controller given in the form of a set of interactions and a priority order amongst them. In the context of distributed systems, such a(More)
The contribution of this paper is twofold. First we propose a high-level distributed and abstract model of the bus arbiter for multiprocessors. Our model provides a way for describing several existing arbitration protocols in a distributed and abstract manner so that their properties and performance could be easily compared and analyzed. Second, we propose(More)
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