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Long term evolution advanced (LTE-A) has emerged as a promising mobile broadband access technology aiming to cope with the traffic demand increasing in wireless networks. QoS offered by LTE-A must be maintained during the communication especially for real-time services. Moreover, with the integration of carrier aggregation technology, the handover procedure(More)
Given the rapid expansion of Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems, Quality of Service (QoS) have got to be a key factor when it comes to users' Quality of Experience (QoE). Operators and service providers are, more than ever, focused to provide high data rate and high reliable services especially under high mobility circumstances. However, in high speed case,(More)
During the handover, quality of service (QoS) in LTEA systems poses quite a challenge especially for real-time services. In high speed mobility, the handover procedure becomes more delicate as it occurs more frequently in a time basis scale. In fact, a currently used resource in a “source node” could be not available in the “target(More)
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