Imed Lassoued

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The proliferation of wireless technologies and their ever increasing popularity and pervasiveness made it possible to have mobile terminals (MTs) equipped with a myriad of network interfaces. It is then becoming essential to offer vertical handoff solutions where users can move among various network types efficiently and seamlessly. A variety of mechanisms(More)
In 4G networks, various wireless access technologies will be integrated into a heterogeneous network based on an IP core network infrastructure. Thus, numerous works focus on mobility and vertical handover management to allow multiple-interfaces mobile terminals to roam seamlessly between these access networks. The different handoff schemes can be(More)
Action recognition in video and still image is one of the most challenging research topics in pattern recognition and computer vision. This paper proposes a new method for video action classification based on 3D Zernike moments. These last ones aim to capturing both structural and temporal information of a time varying sequence. The originality of this(More)
The remarkable growth of the Internet infrastructure and the increasing heterogeneity of applications and users’ behavior make more complex the manageability and monitoring of ISP networks and raises the cost of any new deployment. The main consequence of this trend is an inherent disagreement between existing monitoring solutions and the increasing needs(More)
It is of utmost importance for the network research community to have access to tools and testbeds to explore future directions for Internet traffic monitoring and engineering. Although many experimental solutions exist today, they tend to be highly specialized or to have a limited availability and openness. Through this work, we outline the monitoring(More)
Traffic measurement and analysis are crucial management activities for network operators. With the increase in traffic volume, operators resort to sampling primitives to reduce the measurement load. Unfortunately, existing systems use sampling primitives separately and configure them statically to achieve some performance objective. It becomes then(More)
The remarkable growth of the Internet infrastructure, the tremendous success of the Internet-based applications and their rapidly changing characteristics have made the management and monitoring of ISP networks a complex process. The design of a new monitoring system that takes into account the requirements of multiple monitoring tasks and variations in the(More)
This deliverable is part of a series of 3 deliverables – one per technical objectives (TO) [ECODE2007] – which aims at describing the experimental evaluation and results of the different use case functions. More specifically, this deliverable addresses the evaluation and experiments performed in the framework of TO1 related to i) adaptive sampling and ii)(More)