Imed Hammouda

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Architectural-level reuse of software can be achieved in the form of application frameworks. Then, the architecture of a system can be copied from a framework, and the developer is liberated to application development. In this scheme, patterns utilized for specializing the framework play a critical role. Unfortunately, the bigger the specialization pattern,(More)
Existing studies show that open source projects may enjoy high levels of socio-technical congruence despite their open and distributed character. Such observations are yet to be confirmed in the case of larger open source ecosystems in which developers contribute to different projects within the ecosystem. In this paper, we empirically study the(More)
Open Source Software (OSS) is continuously gaining acceptance in commercial organizations. It is in this regard that those organizations strive for a better understanding of evolutionary aspects of OSS projects. The study of evolutionary patterns of OSS projects and communities has received substantial attention from the research community over the last(More)
Software development is today done in teams of software developers who may be distributed all over the world. Software development has also become to contain more social aspects and the need for collaboration has become more evident. The importance of teaching development methods used in collaborative development is of importance, as skills beyond(More)
A common problem in software maintenance is the lack of documentation required for carrying out the maintenance tasks. Both expected and unexpected maintenance tasks use and produce important information, which is not systematically recorded during the evolution of a system. As a result, maintenance becomes unnecessarily hard. We suggest the use of(More)
Open Source Software (OSS) is currently a widely adopted approach to developing and distributing software. OSS code adoption requires an understanding of the structure of the code base. For a deeper understanding of the maintenance, bug fixing and development activities, the structure of the developer community also needs to be understood, especially the(More)