Imdad Ali Ismaili

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Statistical error Correction technique is the most accurate and widely used approach today, but for a language like Sindhi which is a low resourced language the trained corpora's are not available, so the statistical techniques are not possible at all. Instead a useful alternative would be to exploit various spelling error trends in Sindhi by using a Rule(More)
The higher education has been greatly impacted by worldwide trends. In a result, the universities throughout the world are focusing to enhance performance and efficiency in their workings. Therefore, the higher education has moved their systems to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to cope with the needs of changing environment. However, the(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a Unicode-based GUISL (Graphical User Interface for Sindhi Language). The idea is to provide a software platform to the people of Sindh as well as Sindhi diasporas living across the globe to make use of computing for basic tasks such as editing, composition, formatting, and printing of documents in(More)
This paper presents a novel combinational phonetic algorithm for Sindhi Language, to be used in developing Sindhi Spell Checker which has yet not been developed prior to this work. The compound textual forms and glyphs of Sindhi language presents a substantial challenge for developing Sindhi spell checker system and generating similar suggestion list for(More)
Dictionaries are essence of any language providing vital linguistic recourse for the language learners, researchers and scholars. This paper focuses on the methodology and techniques used in developing software architecture for a UBSESD (Unicode Based Sindhi to English and English to Sindhi Dictionary). biology etc.) could be developed easily with accurate(More)
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