Imao Sekine

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Immunohistochemical detection of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) in calcifying fibrous epulis was performed to elucidate the biological process of ossification and cemento-ossification. In a total 25 cases, 15 (60%) showed positive BMP staining in bone forming areas. Histopathological features of developing hard tissues were varied, consisting of(More)
We have reported in this journal in vitro susceptibilities of clinical isolates to antibiotics every year since 1992. In this paper, we report the results of an analysis of in vitro susceptibilities of 12,919 clinical isolates from 72 centers in Japan to selected antibiotics in 2007 compared with the results from previous years. The common respiratory(More)
We studied the effect of prolonged cyclic mechanical stimulation on protein synthesis and morphological changes in cultured cardiac myocytes isolated from 3-day-old neonatal rats to develop an in vitro model for cardiac hypertrophy induced by a mechanical load. Myocardial cells were cultured on deformative culture plates with M-199 culture medium in the(More)
To assess the influence of the vagus on the pathogenesis of changes in the mitral apparatus, histochemical study using acetylcholinesterase was performed in the rabbit heart. Vagal stimulation was conducted by electrical stimulation (Group I), clipping (Group II), or clipping with crushing (Group III) of the left cervical vagus. Acetylcholinesterase(More)
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