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Two experiments were conducted to measure the oxygen uptake (Experiment II) and the carbon dioxide production (Experiment I) during transcendental meditation. A control group of non-meditators and a few meditators listening to music was used for both experiments. In Experiment I, a controlled group of fasting meditators was also included. A drop in oxygen(More)
We have developed a simplified technique for culturing human umbilical vein endothelial cells under shear flow conditions, using prefabricated glass microcapillary tubes ("microslides") with a well-defined rectangular cross section and good optical quality. These microslides have been incorporated into a controlled flow system for quantitative(More)
Nine subjects were given to breath 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% nitrous oxide in oxygen. The inhaled gas concentrations were monitored by a mass spectrograph. At each gas concentration the CNV was measured in a standard long S1-S2 CNV paradigm to a click and tone with a mandatory button press at S2. The results confirmed the previous observations of Lader and(More)
1. Adhesion of neutrophils to vascular endothelium plays an important role in inflammation and thrombosis. Modulation of adhesion may be therapeutic in these conditions. 2. A flow model was used to quantify adhesion of neutrophils to human cultured umbilical vein endothelial cells. The time course of the neutrophil response to activation by(More)
When tested against artificially produced peak flows, the Wright peak flow meter is found to be an accurate instrument. A factor contributing to the variation seen when the meter is in clinical use in the design of the mouthpiece. This paper reports the results obtained using a new mouthpiece designed specifically to reduce this variation.