Iman Taheri

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Subclinical ketosis (SCK) is defined as elevated concentrations of ketone bodies in the absence of clinical signs of ketosis. It is an important metabolic disease in dairy cattle during early lactation and is associated with losses in milk production and several other periparturient diseases. Limited information is available regarding the prevalence of SCK(More)
ARTICLE HISTORY: Received 30 December 2013 Revised 5 February 2014 Accepted 20 February 2014 In this paper, the concept of Conjectural Variation (CV) is used to specify optimal generation decision for generation companies (Gencos). The conjecture of Genco is defined as its belief or expectation about the reaction of rivals to change of its output. Using CV(More)
This paper proposes a game-theoretic framework for quantifying effects of strategic bidding behavior of load aggregators (LAs) on wholesale electricity market equilibrium. The independent system operator (ISO) employs double-sided auction design to settle transactions in the wholesale electricity market. Generating companies (GENCOs) and LAs submit their(More)
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