Iman Mortagy

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In settings with high HIV/AIDS-related stigma and where HIV is at low prevalence, the political space is often not conducive to making the epidemic more visible to public debate. In the Middle East and North Africa people living with HIV are only beginning to be prominent players in the policy planning in response to the epidemic. We conducted a qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND Women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) should be followed-up to exclude ongoing diabetes and for prevention of type 2 diabetes. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) diabetes in pregnancy guideline recommends checking fasting plasma glucose (FPG) at 6 weeks postpartum (short term), and annually thereafter (long(More)
This article reviews the sexual and reproductive health situation of young people aged 10-24 in the Arab states and Iran, based on published and unpublished literature and interviews with 51 key informants working mostly in NGOs and international agencies in the region. There are few national government programmes addressing young people's sexual and(More)
BACKGROUND National guidelines emphasise the need to deliver preconception care to women of childbearing age. However, uptake of the services among women with diabetes in the UK is low. Questions arising include how best to deliver preconception care and what the respective roles of primary versus secondary caregivers might be. AIM To explore the(More)
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