Iman Karimpour

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The vast majority of eukaryotic mRNAs possess a poly(A) tract at their 3' termini. Although the function of the poly(A) tail is controversial, most workers agree that it promotes mRNA translation and stability (reviewed in 1, 2). The effects of poly (A) on mRNA metabolism are thought to be mediated by a protein which binds preferentially to poly (A), the(More)
The mitochondrial selenoprotein is a major structural protein of the keratinous mitochondrial capsule in mammalian sperm, a structure that functions in shaping mitochondria into the helical sheath surrounding the flagellum. A cDNA clone (Kleene et al., 1990) was isolated previously encoding a protein whose predicted size and amino acid content of > 20%(More)
We have characterized cDNA clones encoding the selenium-containing polypeptide of the keratinous mitochondrial capsule in mouse sperm. The longest open reading frame encodes a polypeptide 143 amino acids long which contains 21% cysteine and 27% proline and closely resembles the size and amino acid composition of bull mitochondrial capsule seleno-protein (V.(More)
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