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This paper describes the experience of the development and deployment of an expert system for cucumber production management under plastic tunnel (CUPTEX). CUPTEX is intended to be used by agricultural extension service within the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), and by private sector. The main objective of developing such systems is to transfer new(More)
Korsakoff-like amnestic syndromes have been rarely described following structural lesions of the central nervous system. In this report, we describe a case of acute Korsakoff-like syndrome resulting from the combination of a left anteromedian thalamic infarct and a right hippocampal hemorrhage. We also review the literature relevant to the neuropathology(More)
Wireless synchronization of the digital signal processing (DSP) features between two hearing aids in a bilateral hearing aid fitting is a fairly new technology. This technology is expected to preserve the differences in time and intensity between the two ears by co-ordinating the bilateral DSP features such as multichannel compression, noise reduction, and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Technical modalities for the evacuation of chronic subdural hematomas are still controversial. The Twist-Drill technique with closed-system drainage is becoming more widely used, but the influence of drainage duration on outcome has not been studied yet and therefore is still being debated. METHODS A prospective randomized study was(More)
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