Iman Hajizadeh

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T paper studies the problem of purchasing and allocating copies of movies to multiple stores of a movie rental chain. A unique characteristic of this problem is the return process of rented movies. We formulate this problem for new movies as a newsvendor-like problem with multiple rental opportunities for each copy. We provide demand and return forecasts at(More)
In a steel tube mill where an endless stream of steel tube is supplied from a manufacturing facility, trim waste is never made regardless of cutting patterns used and the standard cutting stock problem seems meaningless. Therefore, the continuous stock cutting problem with setup is introduced to minimize the sum of cutting time and pattern changing time to(More)
Fear of hypoglycemia is a major concern for many patients with type 1 diabetes and affects patient decisions for use of an artificial pancreas system. We propose an alternative way for prevention of hypoglycemia by issuing predictive hypoglycemia alarms and encouraging patients to consume carbohydrates in a timely manner. The algorithm has been tested on 6(More)
A meal detection and meal-size estimation algorithm is developed for use in artificial pancreas (AP) control systems for people with type 1 diabetes. The algorithm detects the consumption of a meal and estimates its carbohydrate (CHO) amount to determine the appropriate dose of insulin bolus for a meal. It can be used in AP systems without manual meal(More)
Stress causes many physiological changes in the body and has significant effects on physiology. Various types of acute stress include social, competition, emotional and mental stress. Several studies and experiments have been conducted to investigate stress detection and measurement with physiological signals. We designed social and competition stress(More)
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