Iman Firmansyah

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HIV infection is a major problem in Indonesia. The number of people living with HIV has been increasing from year to year, especially among injecting drug users (IDUs). Since there were only limited data about molecular epidemiology profiles of HIV/AIDS in Indonesia, a cross-sectional study involving 208 HIV-1-seropositive individuals was conducted in 2007(More)
We introduce a new approach to enable an open and public parallel machine which is accessible for multi users with multi jobs belong to different blocks running at the same time. The concept is required especially for parallel machines which are dedicated for public use as implemented at the LIPI Public Cluster. We have deployed the simplest technique by(More)
—We introduce the LIPI Public Cluster, the first parallel machine facility fully open for public and for free in Indonesia and surrounding countries. in this paper, we focus on explaining our globally new concept on open cluster, and how to realize and manage it to meet the users needs. We show that after 2 years trial running and several upgradings, the(More)
We introduce our concept on the modular wireless robot consisting of three main modules : main unit, data acquisition and data processing modules. We have developed a generic prototype with an integrated control and monitoring system to enhance its flexibility, and to enable simple operation through a web-based interface accessible wirelessly. In present(More)
We have developed a monitoring and control system for LIPI's Public Cluster. The system consists of microcontrollers and full web-based user interfaces for daily operation. It is argued that, due to its special natures, the cluster requires fully dedicated and self developed control and monitoring system. We discuss the implementation of using parallel port(More)
INTRODUCTION Since the first human cases of H5N1 avian influenza virus infection were detected in Indonesia in 2005, the Sulianti Saroso Infectious Diseases Hospital in Jakarta has managed 27 confirmed cases from September 2005 to December 2007. MATERIALS AND METHODS We reviewed the clinical and epidemiological data of these patients. RESULTS Clinical(More)
Cocirculation of subtype B and CRF01_AE in Southeast Asia has led to the establishment of new recombinant forms. In our previous study, we found five samples suspected of being recombinants between subtype B and CRF01_AE, and here, we analyzed near full-length sequences of two samples and compared them to known CRFs_01B, subtype B, and CRF01_AE. Five(More)
An architecture to enable some blocks consisting of several nodes in a public cluster connected to different grid collaborations is introduced. It is realized by inserting a web-service in addition to the standard Globus Toolkit. The new web-service performs two main tasks : authenticate the digital certificate contained in an incoming requests and forward(More)
—We present the architecture and application of the distributed control in public cluster, a parallel machine which is open for public access. Following the nature of public cluster, the integrated distributed control system is fully accessible through network using a user-friendly web interface. The system is intended mainly to control the power of each(More)
FPGA, or Field Programmable Gate Array, has been widely used for several applications such as digital signal and image processing, video processing, software-defined radio, radar processing, medical imaging and so on. Currently, with the significance growth of parallel computing and cloud computing application, FPGA provides another solution for high(More)