Iman El-Azab

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MOTIVATION There is an urgent need for new medications to combat influenza pandemics. METHODS Using the genome analysis of the influenza A virus performed previously, we designed and performed a combinatorial exhaustive systematic methodology for optimal design of universal therapeutic small interfering RNA molecules (siRNAs) targeting all diverse(More)
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a worldwide health problem with no vaccine and the only approved therapy is Interferon-based plus Ribavarin. Response prediction to treatment has health and economic impacts, and is a multi-factorial problem including both host and viral factors (e.g: age, sex, ethnicity, pre-treatment viral load, and dynamics of the HCV(More)
Influenza A virus poses a continuous threat to global public health. Design of novel universal drugs and vaccine requires a careful analysis of different strains of Influenza A viral genome from diverse hosts and subtypes. We performed a systematic in silico analysis of Influenza A viral segments of all available Influenza A viral strains and subtypes and(More)
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