Iman A. Mohammed

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OBJECTIVE To report a case of life-threatening hypercalcemia attributable to primary hyperparathyroidism in a pregnant patient and discuss the management of severe hypercalcemia during pregnancy. METHODS We describe a 28-year-old pregnant woman who had life-threatening hypercalcemia (serum calcium level of 25.8 mg/dL). Primary hyperparathyroidism was(More)
OBJECTIVE To report two cases of resistance to thyroid hormone and to promote increased awareness of this syndrome, which is frequently misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated. METHODS We describe a young woman and her father, both of whom were diagnosed at a younger age as having thyrotoxicosis and were treated with thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine.(More)
1,3-benzoxazine derivatives were synthesized in high yield using three-step synthetic technique by the condensation of 2-hydroxybenzaldehyde with aromatic amines, reducing the condensation products and replacing the usual formaldehyde with methylene bromide to achieve ring closure. The structures of the benzoxazines were confirmed by FTIR, 1 H and 13 C NMR(More)
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