Imam Machdi

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Parallel XML query processing systems that process numerous queries over large heterogeneous XML documents often experience under-performance due to workload imbalance and low CPU/system utilization, because conventional partitioning strategies cannot serve well for state-of-the-art query processing algorithms, such as holistic twig joins. Consequently,(More)
As traditional partitioning strategies do not serve well for semistructured data, partitioning and distributing heterogeneous XML documents onto a parallel cluster system have lead to such an intricacy issue for maintaining good query processing performance. In this paper, we propose a grid metadata model for XML that gives a conceptual view to partition(More)
The advancement of multi-core processors technology has led to changing course of computing and enabled us to maximize the computing performance. In this study, we present a parallel TwigStack algorithm executed on a shared-memory multi-core system for achieving scalable query performance against large XML data. Our proposed scheme explores the following(More)
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