Imad ud Din

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This letter presents measurement results for a low supply voltage 28 GHz beam steering PLL, designed in a SiGe bipolar process with f<sub>T</sub> = 200 GHz. The PLL, designed around a QVCO, is intended for a beam steering 81-86 GHz E-band transmitter. Linear phase control is implemented by variable current injection into a Gilbert type phase detector, with(More)
A third order active-RC Chebyshev low-pass filter for a mobile terminal receiver supporting carrier aggregation is presented. It has a 0.4 dB passband ripple, reconfigurable bandwidth (4.75-34.75 MHz), automatic RC tuning, and IQ-mismatch correction. The noise power spectral density referred to the filter input is 3.8pA/&#x221A;Hz at 90 % of the bandwidth.(More)
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