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This paper presents an audio visual (AV) person identification system using Linear Regression-based Classifier (LRC) for person identification. Class specific models are created by stacking q-dimensional speech and image vectors from the training data. The person identification task is considered a linear regression problem, i.e., a test (speech or image)(More)
The study was conducted to ascertain the harmful effects of drought stress on grain quality traits in rice. For the purpose, grain shape quality traits of twenty rice genotypes were studied in order to understand the effects of drought stress on these quality traits. The result of analysis of variance clearly indicates that genotypes significantly differ in(More)
In this work an optimum error nonlinearity is derived for the channel estimation in the existence of class-A impulsive noise. The main idea of the design is based on minimizing the steady-state error to reach the limit dictated by the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound (CRLB) of the implicit estimation process. By using the proposed method, optimum error nonlinearity(More)
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