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Managing the allocation of cloud virtual machines at physical resources is a key requirement for the success of clouds. Current implementations of cloud schedulers do not consider the entire cloud infrastructure neither do they consider the overall user and infrastructure properties. This results in major security, privacy, and resilience concerns. In this(More)
Establishing trust in systems is a difficult problem to tackle. In the Cloud, establishing trust is even more complicated considering its dynamic nature and distributed resources. One of the Cloud's potential feature is providing transparent management of resources at Cloud's infrastructure. This would hide technical complexities from Cloud's customers,(More)
This paper proposes a novel mechanism for protecting sensitive information inside big organisations against unauthorised disclosure by insider or outsider adversaries. Protecting sensitive content from being disclosed to unauthorised parties is a major concern for big enterprises, such as government agencies, banks, clinics and corporations. This paper(More)
Many applications which require provenance are now moving to cloud infrastructures. However, it is not widely realised that clouds have their own need for provenance due to their dynamic nature and the burden this places on their administrators. We analyse the structure of cloud computing to identify the unique challenges facing provenance collection and(More)
Information sharing and protection against leakage is a critical problem especially for organisations having sensitive information. Sharing content between individuals in the same organisation extends to exchanging and sharing content between collaborating organisations. In this paper we propose a novel solution for preventing shared information between(More)
Provenance is a vital requirement for the success of Clouds, and it is associated with many challenges that are difficult to deal with. In this paper, we explore this area, we identify the problems in current Cloud provenance, we identify the challenges of having trustworthy secure Cloud provenance, and we identify the requirements which could address the(More)