Imad L. Kaddoura

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Medical specialists who care for patients with pyoderma gangrenosum have been reluctant traditionally to consult plastic surgeons. This is the result of previous negative experience with debridement and skin grafting. However, a new understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease process, and better therapeutic options for control have emerged. Very few(More)
Laparoscopic ligation of the deep and superficial inferior epigastric vessels was done for ten mastectomized patients who elected to have autogenous reconstruction of their breast. All these patients had at least one indication for the delay which included obesity, smoking, or requirement of a large volume of tissue for their reconstruction. The procedure(More)
Skin flaps constructed on expanded skin usually include the underlying capsular tissue. It has been hypothesized that capsulectomy may jeopardize the viability of the expanded skin flap. The experiments reported herein were designed to test this hypothesis. Specifically, we studied the hemodynamics and viability of random-pattern skin flaps (8 X 20 cm)(More)
The life-saving procedures to expand the chests of infants born with Jeune asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy provide a static solution incapable of responding to the growth demands of thriving patients. We describe an instrument that provided a dynamic solution for an infant, where an initial methyl methacrylate midsternotomy spacer placed at 4 months of age(More)
The bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine has been used widely for several decades in tuberculosis prophylaxis. More recently, it has been used therapeutically in the management of neoplastic diseases such as malignant melanoma and urinary bladder tumors. Complications of the b. Calmette-Guérin vaccine and therapy are widely reported in the literature. However,(More)
Fibro-osseous pseudotumor is a rare benign lesion that is characterized by fibroblastic proliferation with foci of osseous differentiation. The tumor commonly involves the digits and is usually mistaken for malignancy because of its aggressive nature thus resulting in surgical over treatment. We report a patient with fibro-osseous pseudotumor that involved(More)
Trichilemmal cysts are common benign soft tissue tumors that occur in hairy areas, especially the scalp, where they present themselves as solitary masses that could be easily treated by surgical excision followed by pathologic identification. It is unusual to find these benign masses in very large numbers in 1 scalp. In the current article, we describe a(More)
BACKGROUND Faced with our intraoperative inability to primarily close a very wide isolated cleft sternum of a pediatric patient without causing cardiovascular decompensation, we describe our use of a synthetic material for partial approximation allowing muscular coverage. METHOD We report an infant who was born with an isolated large complete sternal(More)