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Pollutant transport by shallow water flows on nonflat topography is presented and numerically solved using a finite volume scheme. The method uses unstructured meshes, incorporates upwinded numerical fluxes and slope limiters to provide sharp resolution of steep bathymetric gradients that may form in the approximate solution. The scheme is non-oscillatory(More)
This work deals with the numerical simulation on an unstructured mesh of the ignition and burning of an isolated fuel droplet modelled as a porous cylindrical wall. The reaction is assumed to be described by the equation A + B −→ P. The complexity of the physical model considered, including multi-scale feature and the presence of sti propagating fronts,(More)
The class of discrete event systems (DES) which involve only synchronization phenomena can be represented by linear state equations in particular algebraic structures. The (max,+) algebra is a dioid over which, these systems can have a linear state representation with special sum and product operations. The study of the DES over this (max,+) algebra is(More)
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