Ilyas Alper Karatepe

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Mobile cellular networks are becoming increasingly complex to manage while classical deployment/optimization techniques and current solutions (i.e., cell densification, acquiring more spectrum, etc.) are cost-ineffective and thus seen as stopgaps. This calls for development of novel approaches that leverage recent advances in storage/memory,(More)
In order to cope with the relentless data tsunami in 5G wireless networks, current approaches such as acquiring new spectrum, deploying more base stations (BSs) and increasing nodes in mobile packet core networks are becoming ineffective in terms of scalability, cost and flexibility. In this regard, context-aware 5G networks with edge/cloud computing and(More)
While 5G wireless networks are expected to handle the ever growing data avalanche, classical deployment/optimization approaches such as hyper-dense deployment of base stations or having more bandwidth are cost-inefficient, and are therefore seen as stopgaps. In this regard, context-aware approaches which exploits human predictability, recent advances in(More)
Anomaly detection is a key component in which perturbations from a normal behavior suggests a misconfigured/mismatched data in related systems. In this paper, we present a call detail record based anomaly detection method (CADM) that analyzes the users’s calling activities and detects the abnormal behavior of user movements in a real cellular network. CADM(More)
We study online sequential regression with nonlinearity and time varying statistical distribution when the regressors lie in a high dimensional space. We escape the curse of dimensionality by tracking the subspace of the underlying manifold using a hierarchical tree structure. We use the projections of the original high dimensional regressor space onto the(More)
In this paper, a centralized connectivity management platform for Wi-Fi Offloading in heterogeneous wireless networks is developed. To enable this platform, several attributes, such as users' connection details, terminal status and channel utilization, are periodically collected from terminals and network infrastructure, and sent to a remote server called(More)
Monitoring network statistics is important for the maintenance and infrastructure planning for the network service providers. In this demonstration, we will showcase an initial analysis of a general purpose network monitoring platform for high speed mobile networks. The developed platform is the basis for performing complex real-time analysis such as(More)
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