Ilya Waldstein

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Many historical newspapers are being digitized. We aim to support access to them via text analysis of the OCRd content. However, the OCR includes many errors; so extracting meaningful content from it is difficult. A pipeline of processing steps is proposed. Here, we describe the first two steps: segmentation and genre identification. The segmentation(More)
This paper describes how CBR can be used to compare, reuse, and adapt inductive models that represent complex systems. Complex systems are not well understood and therefore require models for their manipulation and understanding. We propose an approach to address the challenges for using CBR in this context, which relate to finding similar inductive models(More)
This paper explores a method to algorithmically distinguish case-specific facts from potentially reusable or adaptable elements of cases in a textual case-based reasoning (TCBR) system. In the legal domain, documents often contain casespecific facts mixed with case-neutral details of law, precedent, conclusions the attorneys reach by applying their(More)
The Relationship Between User Expertise and Structural Ontology Characteristics Ilya Michael Waldstein, MSIS Rosina O. Weber, Ph.D. Ontologies are commonly used to support application tasks such as natural language processing, knowledge management, learning, browsing, and search. Literature recommends considering specific context during ontology design, and(More)
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