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Here, we study mechanical properties of eight 3-helix proteins (four right-handed and four left-handed ones), which are similar in size under stretching at a constant speed and at a constant force on the atomic level using molecular dynamics simulations. The analysis of 256 trajectories from molecular dynamics simulations with explicit water showed that the(More)
This article is the first to study the mechanical properties of the immunoglobulin-binding domain of protein L (referred to as protein L) and its mutants at the atomic level. In the structure of protein L, each amino acid residue (except for alanines and glycines) was replaced sequentially by alanine. Thus, 49 mutants of protein L were obtained. The(More)
Molecular dynamics trajectories are the result of molecular dynamics simulations. Trajectories are sequential snapshots of simulated molecular system which represents atomic coordinates at specific time periods. Based on the definition, in a text format trajectory files are characterized by their simplicity and uselessness. To obtain information from such(More)
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