Ilya Tyomkin

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Throughout this paper we study the existence of irreducible curves C on smooth projective surfaces Σ with singular points of prescribed topological types S1, . . . ,Sr. There are necessary conditions for the existence of the type ∑r i=1 μ(Si) ≤ αC + βC.K + γ for some fixed divisor K on Σ and suitable coefficients α, β and γ, and the main sufficient(More)
In this paper we study certain algebraic properties of the small quantum homology algebra for the class of symplectic toric Fano manifolds. In particular, we examine the semisimplicity of this algebra, and the more general property of containing a field as a direct summand. Our main result provides an easily verifiable sufficient condition for these(More)
Characterization of transport and absorption properties of nanofiber webs is a challenge, because in many cases the material is soft and cannot withstand the stresses exerted by the standard instruments. In this paper, we report on development of a new technique for materials characterization. We propose to conduct wicking and permeability experiments for(More)
We study sequences of infinitely near T -points of a smooth family F/Y of geometrically irreducible surfaces. We destinguish a special sort of such sequences, the strict sequences. To each one, we associate an ordered unweighted Enriques diagram. We prove that the various sequences with a given diagram form a functor, and we represent it by a smooth Y(More)
The main problem in liquid porosimetry, which prevents to see the pore sizes smaller than 2 microns in diameter, is direct gas diffusion flow through a micro-porous membrane. This diffusion causes bubbles formation below the membrane and that spoils extrusion (intrusion) data, as one cannot distinguish the volume of extrusion (intrusion) liquid from the(More)
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