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A motion model for the early stages of motion processing in the visual cortex that focuses on velocity properties is presented. The model presents analytically the correlation between the velocity tuning curve and various cell parameters. The building block for this model is the rebound response, which makes possible the detection of spatial and temporal(More)
Giant serpentine aneurysms are considered a distinct subgroup of giant aneurysms because of their characteristic angiographic appearance and clinical behavior. A case of this unusual vascular abnormality showing progressive enlargement documented by computed tomography and cerebral angiography is presented, along with a review of the literature. Etiology,(More)
A model for the early stages of motion processing in the visual cortex is presented. The 'building block' for this model is the 'rebound response', which is the neuronal response evoked when a sufficient inhibitory stimulus is turned off. This response enables detection of temporal changes when the stimulus involves spatial changes. The model suggests that(More)
NIRS is a non-invasive spectroscopic method for measuring oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin concentrations in cortical regions of the brain. In this report we investigate the use of machine learning techniques to train a model for online classification of a specific motor activ ity-finger tapping-using NIRS data. Thus, NIRS measurements of blood flow(More)
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