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Genes encoding enzymes of the biosynthetic pathway leading to phylloquinone, the secondary electron acceptor of photosystem (PS) I, were identified in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 by comparison with(More)
The FB and FA electron acceptors in Photosystem I (PS I) are [4Fe-4S] clusters ligated by cysteines provided by PsaC. In a previous study (Mehari, T., Qiao, F., Scott, M. P., Nellis, D., Zhao, J.,(More)
Two [4Fe-4S] clusters, FA and FB, function as terminal electron carriers in Photosystem I (PS I), a thylakoid membrane-bound protein-pigment complex. To probe the function of these two clusters in(More)
The proposed structure of Photosystem I depicts two cysteines on the PsaA polypeptide and two cysteines on the PsaB polypeptide in a symmetrical environment, each providing ligands for the(More)