Ilya Prokin

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Synaptic plasticity is a cardinal cellular mechanism for learning and memory. The endocannabinoid (eCB) system has emerged as a pivotal pathway for synaptic plasticity because of its widely characterized ability to depress synaptic transmission on short- and long-term scales. Recent reports indicate that eCBs also mediate potentiation of the synapse.(More)
The nowdays all possible damages and diseases by the staff during a war, are systematized in a special classification of combat damages and diseases, which is based on effect of main damage factors of weapon. Analyzing existent classification and determination "sanitarium casualty", it should be pointed out that they were formed more than 50 years ago, and(More)
Experience of treatment of 86 patients with chest wounds are summarized. Diagnostic and curative algorithm of these patients are presented. Fenestration of the pericardium is proposed for diagnosis of heart wounds. This algorithm permitted to reduce early pleural complications rate from 55.1 to 22.1% and diagnostic mistakes--from 34.2 to 11.2%.
The work investigates the influence of spike-timing dependent plasticity (STDP) mechanisms on the dynamics of two synaptically coupled neurons driven by additive external noise. In this setting, the noise signal models synaptic inputs that the pair receives from other neurons in a larger network. We show that in the absence of STDP feedbacks the pair of(More)
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