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  • I. Nikitin, Yu. Stozhkov, V. Okhlopkov, N. Svirzhevsky
  • 2005
In the atmosphere cosmic rays produce Be-10, C-14 and other radionuclides. It is commonly supposed that the concentrations of these radionuclides (Be-10 in polar ice and C-14 in tree rings) are good proxies of cosmic ray fluxes impinging on the top of the atmosphere. But before the precipitation on the Earth's surface these elements spend several years in(More)
Investigations of the dielectric properties of sugar solutions, as well as blood imitators and blood, in the millimeter-wave range allow one to obtain valuable information on the possibility of real-time control of glucose concentration in blood using electromagnetic waves in the millimeter-wave ranges. These investigations are also of interest for other(More)
The cost and the package size driven size reduction of semiconductors lead to much higher heat generation. Also the use of new high power technologies on the basis of SiC produces is a need for high conductivity of the interconnect materials. Therefore the requirements for mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of interconnect materials increase(More)
In this paper we develop a new unified approach to the so-called generalized Fourier-Clifford-Prometheus sequences, transforms (FCPTs) and M-channel Filter Banks. It is based on a new generalized FCPT-generating construction. This construction has a rich algebraic structure that supports a wide range of fast algorithms. 1. Introduction The basis which has(More)
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