Ilya N Nechaev

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The paper presents a formalized statement of the problem of selecting parameters and construction of a genomic classifier for medical test systems with mathematical methods of machine learning without the use of biological and medical knowledge. A method is proposed to solve this problem. The results of testing the method using microarray datasets(More)
Inflammatory breast cancer is characterized by high malignancy, early and rapid lymphogenic and hematogenic metastasizing, and high mortality. The diagnosis of this form of cancer is based fully on the clinical criteria. Whole transcriptome analysis of tumor tissue specimens from patients with inflammatory breast cancer detected 137 differentially expressed(More)
Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is an extremely malignant form of breast cancer which can be easily misdiagnosed. Conclusive prognostic IBC molecular biomarkers which are also providing the perspectives for targeted therapy are lacking so far. The aim of this study was to reveal the IBC-specific miRNA expression profile and to evaluate its association with(More)
We compared the results of real-time PCR analysis of gene expression in paired specimens breast cancer tissue fixed in RNAlater (Qiagen) stabilization reagent (FF samples) and in formalin (FFPE samples). A clear-cut linear relationship (correlation coefficient 0.76 ± 0.07) was detected between the gene expression logarithm values in FF and FFPE samples.(More)
The efficiency of autoregulation of the coronary blood flow and contractile activity of the myocardium in the presence of inhibitors of constitutive and inducible NO synthases was studied in rats exposed to 6-h restraint stress. Intracoronary administration of S-methylisothiourea (10 μmol/liter), but not L-NAME (60 μmol/liter) fully prevented post-stress(More)
Hyperexpression of HER-2/neu is found in tissues of 25-30% patients with primary breast cancer. Monotherapy with antitumor drug trastuzumab as second-third line therapy and its combination with cytostatics prolong the interval before disease progress and the overall survival of patients with metastatic HER-2/neu+ tumors. Trastuzumab is now prescribed after(More)
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