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It is a common way to process different image features independently in order to measure similarity between images. Color and texture are the common ones to use for searching in natural images. In [10] a technique to combine color and texture features based on a particular query-image in order to improve retrieval efficiency was proposed. Weighted linear(More)
Score normalization and results merging are important components of many IR applications. Recently MinMax—an unsupervised linear score normal-ization method—was shown to perform quite well across various distributed retrieval testbeds, although based on strong assumptions. The CORI results merging method relaxes these assumptions to some extent and(More)
Understanding user browsing behavior in web search is key to improving web search effectiveness. Many click models have been proposed to explain or predict user clicks on search engine results. They are based on the probabilistic graphical model (PGM) framework , in which user behavior is represented as a sequence of observable and hidden events. The PGM(More)
In a distributed retrieval setup, resource selection is the problem of identifying and ranking relevant sources of information for a given user’s query. For better usage of existing resource-selection techniques, it is desirable to know what the fundamental differences between them are and in what settings one is superior to others. However, little is(More)