Ilya Kuzmin

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For the last few years the idea of large volume resources storage with usage by indirect organizations has become widespread. Such services are often termed “data outsourcing” or “cloud storage”. This service allows information owner (clients) to allocate their data on the server for certain payment. In turn, the server must(More)
This article describes development of the multibeam receiving antenna array with digital beamforming (DBF) prototype using National Instruments modular instruments of PXI standard. Development of the prototype and researching its characteristics is a continuation of earlier research carried out by National Research University of Electronic Technology. Some(More)
In the article electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests are discussed. These tests include radiated susceptibility (RS) tests. An electronic equipment of small space vehicles is to be subjected to RS tests. A four-wire transmission line is used as an electric field source. It was applied for EMC tests for the first time. Homogeneity of the electric field(More)
This paper presents methods of phase-amplitude automatic measuring for multichannel APAA. The form of the far-field pattern (width, main-lobe position, side lobe amplitude) directly correlates with amplitude-phase distribution. Modern APAA contains a large number of channels (tens, hundreds), which makes automatic measuring of phase-amplitude(More)
Usage of a multiposition system can improve technical characteristics of radar. Arrangement of multiple transmitting positions can significantly improve the angular resolution of radar. This paper presents method of multiposition radar aperture synthesis that operating in the range of distances, in the near field. The described method involves sequential(More)
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