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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate: (a) the association between socio-demographic variables, job satisfaction and intent to leave among hospital psychiatric nurses, and (b) the differences in the above between psychiatric nurses working on closed and open wards. PROCEDURES After receiving ethical approval, a convenience sample of 52 (70% of(More)
INTRODUCTION Automated mapping of lung sound distribution is a novel area of interest currently investigated in mechanically ventilated, critically ill patients. The objective of the present study was to assess changes in thoracic sound distribution resulting from changes in positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP). Repeatability of automated lung sound(More)
BACKGROUND Intense debate exists regarding the optimal energy and protein intake for intensive care unit (ICU) patients. However, most studies use predictive equations, demonstrated to be inaccurate to target energy intake. We sought to examine the outcome of a large cohort of ICU patients in relation to the percent of administered calories divided by(More)
The study was designed to investigate the relationship between uncertainty and state anxiety among psychiatric patients before the closed wards of a psychiatric hospital were relocated to new premises. Patients from four psychiatric departments completed a structured questionnaire a week before, and six weeks after, relocation. Inter-variable relationships(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the widely held belief that the computerization of hospital medical systems contributes to improved patient care management, especially in the context of ordering medications and record keeping, extensive study of the attitudes of medical staff to computerization has found them to be negative. The views of nursing staff have been barely(More)
PURPOSE Converting an open psychiatric ward to a closed one can be threatening and stressful for the medical and nursing staff involved. This study describes the effects of this change, in particular the before-after correlation among self-efficacy, professional functioning, and uncertainty. DESIGN AND METHODS Forty-four staff participated, completing(More)
BACKGROUND Israeli hospitals must continuously develop various mechanisms to protect both patients and staff against the physical threat of missile attacks during war situations. OBJECTIVES To examine the difficulties and dilemmas with which the staff of a psychiatric hospital had to deal during missile attacks. DESIGN A quality improvement project(More)
This study, which was conducted in Israel, examined staff members' reactions to the relocation of three closed psychiatric wards to a new building. Participants' (N=61) levels of uncertainty were significantly higher before the relocation than they were after the relocation. In addition, a significant positive correlation was found between anxiety levels(More)
In recent years, computerized information systems have become one of the most important tools for promoting, developing and supporting quality improvement in healthcare. The unique contribution of these systems is related to the collection, storage and analysis of data as well as user-friendly and sophisticated access to end-users. Israel's nursing system(More)
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