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The paper presents synthesis and comparison of several drivers of original topologies for LED dimming. The work is based on the hypothesis that the direct current control, in contrast to indirect voltage control, is very useful in LED applications where luminous flux is almost proportional to LED's current. In order to confirm or disprove this hypothesis,(More)
Smart lighting grids, consisted of smart luminaries with capability to communicate with each other, have great potential to reduce power consumption in the sphere of artificial illumination. This paper provides comparative study of concentrated, localized or distributed control approaches of smart lighting grids and summarizes mentioned approaches by(More)
There are two basic ways to improve the energy efficiency of lighting equipment — utilization of more effective technologies of light generation and implementation of intelligent control of lighting (providing the light where and when it is needed). LED lighting technology provides both these opportunities: LED luminaries have high efficacy and it is(More)
Amplitude mode LEDs light regulation is most functional when LEDs are supplied from current fed buck drivers, which practical implementation is conjunction of non-inverting buck-boost circuit, extra coil and specific control methods. This report experimentally evaluates the efficiency of driver's versions making focus on their losses and possible electric(More)
The high power LED driver based on non-inverting buck-boost converter is considered in this paper. The special regulation approach of this converter is described in order to simplify the control strategy. Thus, the implementation of this control strategy in microcontroller based closed loop regulation system allows to increase number of regulation steps (to(More)
AIM To investigate whether plasma replacement (PR) can raise efficiency of drug therapy of ischemic heart disease (IHD). MATERIAL AND METHODS A 30-60% replacement of circulating plasma for salt or dextran using PF-05 unit has been performed in 324 patients 35-79 years of age with recurrent myocardial infarction and angina pectoris. A total of 520 PR(More)
[1] At various altitudes in the plasmasphere, sounder pulses from the Radio Plasma Imager (RPI) instrument on the IMAGE satellite can couple strongly to protons, a process revealed in echo time delay versus frequency forms that arrive at multiples of the local proton cyclotron period t p. Lower-altitude (<4000 km) versions of two of these proton cyclotron(More)
The quality of the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases was assessed in the polyclinics of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow by 2 methods: (1) selective examination of 960 case histories of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and (2) questionnaire survey and spirometry of 2132 patients aged 35 to 75 years who have(More)