Ilya Braude

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This paper presents a technique for creating a smooth, closed surface from a set of 2D contours, which have been extracted from a 3D scan. The technique interprets the pixels that make up the contours as points in ℝ(3) and employs Multi-level Partition of Unity (MPU) implicit models to create a surface that approximately fits to the 3D points. Since MPU(More)
This paper presents a volumetric approach to reconstructing a smooth surface from a sparse set of parallel binary contours, e.g. those produced via histologic imaging. It creates a volume dataset by interpolating 2D filtered distance fields. The zero isosurface embedded in the computed volume provides the desired result. MPU implicit functions are fit to(More)
In this paper we present MUG, a collaborative 3D environment to support knowledge-based conceptual design. This work integrates Computer-Aided and Collaborative Design methods with representation framework being developed for the Semantic Web. In this work, we have created a unique environment that allows a group of users, working together over the(More)
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