Ilwoong Hwang

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Because NK cells lack gene-recombination machinery and are thought to be relatively short-lived, it is unclear whether NK cells can mount long-term effective recall responses to reinfections by diverse pathogens. In this article, we report that FcRγ-deficient NK cells, which we recently identified and termed g(-)NK cells, possess distinct memory features(More)
NK cells respond to tumor and virus-infected cells directly through several activation receptors, including natural cytotoxicity receptors, or indirectly through the activating Fc receptor CD16 for antibody-coated cells. Triggering of NK-cell effector functions through these receptors depends on physically associated transmembrane signaling adaptors, such(More)
During early viral infection, activation of natural killer (NK) cells elicits the effector functions of target cell lysis and cytokine production. However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms leading to NK cell activation during viral infections are incompletely understood. In this study, using a model of acute viral infection, we investigated the(More)
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