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The purpose of this study is primarily to clarify the concept for ubiquitous transportation systems (UTS) based on ubiquitous computing. Additionally, the key conceptual terminologies related to the ubiquitous computing are reinterpreted for the transportation domain. The 8 key properties are proposed as the necessary and sufficient conditions for the(More)
The EPC network, a de facto standard of RFID network, provides a variety of services including Information Service (IS) and Discovery Service (DS), fully utilizing today's Internet capabilities, such as HTTP or SOAP communication protocols and HTML or XML contents formats. The mobile RFID network exploits the existing cellular network infrastructure and(More)
The TMO (Time-triggered Message-triggered Object) model is a well-known real-time object model for distributed and timeliness-guaranteed computing. A distributed environment of the model may be configured by a number of the TMO nodes as a private network. It requires high reliability due to the feature of a distributed IPC message. The TCP seems to be(More)
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