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This paper reports upon: (1) the value of acceptance of pain in predicting well-being in patients suffering from chronic pain and (2) the construct validity of acceptance by comparing two questionnaires designed to measure acceptance (the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire, CPAQ, unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Nevada, Reno, NV, 1992 and(More)
To investigate how acceptance of illness affects chronic pain in terms of attention towards pain and fearful thinking of pain. 62 participants (50 women) with chronic pain carried a palmtop computer for 2 weeks. Eight times each day auditory signals were delivered to cue participants to complete questions about their experience. Multilevel analyses(More)
This paper investigates whether acceptance was related to less attention to pain, and to more engagement with daily activities. The results of two studies are reported. In a first cross-sectional study, 501 chronic pain patients completed self-report instruments on pain severity, attention to pain and acceptance. In a second diary study, 62 patients with(More)
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