Ilse M van den Berg

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BACKGROUND about 15% to 30% of the DNA in human sperm is packed in nucleosomes and transmission of this fraction to the embryo potentially serves as a mechanism to facilitate paternal epigenetic programs during embryonic development. However, hitherto it has not been established whether these nucleosomes are removed like the protamines or indeed contribute(More)
Female eutherians silence one of their X chromosomes to accomplish an equal dose of X-linked gene expression compared with males. The mouse is the most widely used animal model in XCI research and has proven to be of great significance for understanding the complex mechanism of X-linked dosage compensation. Although the basic principles of XCI are similar(More)
BACKGROUND Chromosome segregation errors during human oocyte meiosis are associated with low fertility in humans and the incidence of these errors increases with advancing maternal age. Studies of mitosis and meiosis suggest that defective remodeling of chromatin plays a causative role in aneuploidy. We analyzed the histone deacetylation pattern during the(More)
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