Ilse Groenewald

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Mutation analysis of genomic DNA samples obtained from 17 unrelated South African patients with variegate porphyria (VP) revealed three novel missense mutations in the protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPOX) gene. A common C to T transition at nucleotide position 452 (R59W) was identified in 15 of the patients analysed, while base changes at positions 336 (H20P)(More)
Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder are often precipitated by sensory cues in the form of visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory "flashbacks" resulting in enhanced fear-memory consolidation and the characteristic symptoms of re-experiencing, avoidance and hyper-arousal. Single prolonged stress with and without re-stress have been used to explore(More)
A subset of probands from 11 South African families with clinical and/or biochemical features of variegate porphyria (VP), but without the known protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPOX) gene defects identified previously in the South African population, were subjected to mutation analysis. Disease-related mutation(s) could not be identified after screening(More)
Five single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the protoporphyrinogen oxidase gene (PPOX) were used for inter-population comparisons of six South African populations and two non-South African Caucasian populations. Novel polymorphisms identified in the promoter region and exon 11 of the PPOX gene, as well as three known variants in exon 1 and intron 2, were(More)
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