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In many developing countries, legacy systems of government are normally isolate affecting the quality of services provided to citizens. This situation affects the data trustfulness, and transparency. For this reason, various governments have been striving interoperate their legacy systems using service oriented paradigm. To achieve this ambitious goal many(More)
The development of software not only needs to consider the construction process, but also other aspects such as cost, human resources and communication among stakehold-ers. The lack of simplicity into this context becomes explicit when some restrictions, such as service oriented architecture, must be considered as the basic style to build sustainable(More)
The benefits of integrating aggregated Electric Vehicles (EV) within the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) concept, are addressed. Two types of EV aggregators are identified: i) Electric Vehicle Residential Aggregator (EVRA), which is responsible for the management of dispersed and clustered EVs in a residential area and ii) Electric Vehicle Commercial Aggregator(More)
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